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  • Benefect Atomic Degreaser

    Botanically based ingredients Ideal for fire- and smoke-damaged contents and surfaces pH: 10.9–11.0 Safe for use around people and pets Dilute 2–4 ounces per gallon Benefect Atomic Degreaser is a solvent-free, high-performance...

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  • Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

    EPA-registered botanical disinfectant Ready to use with no mixing needed pH: 4.0–5.0 1,000–1,200 sq ft coverage per gallon No PPE required; registered for use in HVAC systems Benefect Botanical Disinfectant is the first and...

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  • Benefect Evergreen A‑44

    Formulated for use in ultrasonic systems Does not contain harmful solvents or VOCs pH: 11.2–11.4 Biodegradable Dilute 2.5–5 oz per gallon Benefect Evergreen A‑44 Contents Cleaning Goes Green! Formulated for Ultrasonic...

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  • Benefect Impact™ Carpet & Fabric Cleaner

    Botanically based ingredients No VOCs, fragrances, or dyes pH: 9.6 - 9.8 Formulated for use on carpet and upholstery  Make an IMPACT on soiled carpets and fabric, not the environment! Benefect Impact is designed to get carpets...

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  • Benefect MPC (Multi‑Purpose Cleaner)

    Formulated for general daily cleaning Large dilution range from heavy- to light-duty tasks Neutral pH, no skin irritation and broad surface compatibility No fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals or hazardous ingredients Are you going green? ...Go...

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  • BotaniClean Disinfectant

    BotaniClean Disinfectant

    Clean, disinfect, and deodorize in one easy step! The best environmentally safe, green solution on the market! BotaniClean is a unique thymol cleaner and broad-spectrum, hospital-grade disinfectant that is EPA-Registered (34810-25-70385)...

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  • Chemspec Red X It

    Removes synthetic dyes pH: 5.2 Not recommended for natural fibers Ready to use   Synthetic dyes found in fruit juice and sports drinks can have you seeing red — literally! Thanks to Red X It from Chemspec, those tough red stains don't...

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  • Chemspec  Rust Remover

    Chemspec Rust Remover

    Removes rust from a variety of surfaces No toxic vapors pH: 5.5 Safe for stain-resistant carpet Ready to use   For rust stains on carpet, upholstery, textiles, and acoustical ceiling tiles, the professional’s choice is Chemspec Rust...

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  • Chemspec Biosolv Booster Additive

    Made with highest grade d-Limonene Pleasant citrus fragrance pH: none Variable dilutions   Now you can add the power of Biosolv to your favorite pre-spray! Biosolv is an original component of Chemspec's most popular products, and now for...

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