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  • OdorX Tabac-Attack

    Dilutes 1 to 2 ounces per gallon of water pH: 5.2 Remove tobacco odors permanently Additive to wall, upholstery, and carpet cleaning solutions    Tabac-Attack works at the...

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  • SurfaceShield Protectant RTU

    SurfaceShield Protectant RTU

    Want to protect against staining from mold (ew!) and mildew (yuck!)? Get SurfaceShield Ready-To-Use Now!   Used as the final step on remediation jobs or in new construction, SurfaceShield...

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  • Thermo Gen VF Thermal Fogger

    The Thermo-Gen VF works incredibly fast; up to 1 million cubic feet may be treated in an hour. Occupants can often return to a fresh, clean, malodor-free atmosphere within minutes...

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  • Unsmoke Air Neutralizer

    Eliminates smoke and fire odors Biodegradable pH: 6.1–7.1 Works on cigarette smoke Variable dilutions Unsmoke™ Air Neutralizer specifically formulated to eliminate smoke and...

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  • Unsmoke Unsoot #1 Encapsulant

    Great on unlined ductwork Dilutes 4:1 (makes 5 gallons) Coverage: 500-1,000 sq ft per diluted gallon Pale opaque coating pH: 4.9 Unsoot #1 helps to improve indoor air quality, particularly...

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