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Stain Removal

  • Chemspec Red X It

    Removes synthetic dyes pH: 5.2 Not recommended for natural fibers Ready to use   Synthetic dyes found in fruit juice and sports drinks can have you seeing red — literally! Thanks to Red X It from Chemspec, those tough red stains don't...

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  • Chemspec  Rust Remover

    Chemspec Rust Remover

    Removes rust from a variety of surfaces No toxic vapors pH: 5.5 Safe for stain-resistant carpet Ready to use   For rust stains on carpet, upholstery, textiles, and acoustical ceiling tiles, the professional’s choice is Chemspec Rust...

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  • Chemspec® Ink Exit

    No harsh solvents No VOCs or strong odors pH: 7.5 Will not delaminate carpet Ready to use  Chemspec® Ink Exit Breakthrough ink removal technology that removes ink stains fast without the use of harsh solvents The only things worse...

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  • Chemspec® Paint/Oil/Grease Remover

    Paint, oil, and grease remover Ideal for carpet and other fabrics pH: None Ready to use  Chemspec® Paint/Oil/Grease Remover highly effective in removing normally troublesome spots such as grease, paint, carbon and other oily based...

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  • Chemspec® Stain Exit

    Removes organic stains No heat needed pH: 3.5 Ready to use     Chemspec® Stain Exit Kick tough organic stains out with Stain Exit from Chemspec! This highly effective spotter is designed to remove tough organic stains,...

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  • Professional Spot Lifter with Biosolv

    General purpose spotter as a first step to remove most spots on carpet fortified with Biosolv General purpose spotter fortified with Biosolv. Reach for this product first to tackle most carpet spots. DIRECTIONS:  Shake well before using...

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